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Memories burnt into the retina

Visual memories constitute a significant aspect of our respective personal histories, and as such they play a key role in constructing and continuously reconstructing one's ever-changing self. Our deepest, most intimately safeguarded memories are unforgettable and inerasable, and yet are characterised by an almost filmic distancing and fading away, in which details become rough, blurry, and insignificant. In the images of this series, real and imagined fictitious visual memories are mingled, constructing a new self from both real imprints of my own life and possible memories of imagined lives. Some of the scenes and images are connected with my own personal history, while others are the visual memories of numerous imagined, alternative possible lives that I have never led. The images of my possible lives are created at scenes and among objects that I have encountered for only a brief period of time. Reality and imagination meet and connect in these images, quasi-multiplying my imaginary lives and filling them with content.

This project was supported by the APRA Foundation Berlin.

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