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La huerta (The orchard)

This is an in progress work on three series of photographs on the relationship between two characteristic parts of the city of Murcia (Spain) and its vicinity. The city has been surrounded by an orchard since the Middle Ages. The development of the city over the past few decades, however, resulted in a slow but steady takeover process, in which the city gained both physical and cultural territory over the orchard. The orchard is still vast and vigorous, providing for many, but the city has spread and consequently overtook some of the traditional orchard areas. The two distinct parts represent different lifestyles, cultures and visual environments. At their ever- changing borders they coexist, and the presence of the other is felt even where not seen.


The work has three parts:

  1. La huerta (The orchard)

  2. La ciudad (The city)

  3. La huerta y la ciudad (The orchard and the city).


Here I present a series from the first part: La huerta (The orchard).

This part of the series reflects on the interrelation and coexistence of the orchard and the original rural built environment, including the small chapels that are very characteristic of the landscape. Although the orchard is still fully functional, we may also feel the closeness of the city with its different way of life from the subtle or not so subtle signs of decline of the once dominating orchard.

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