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Dissolving Abstracts

In this series, I seek to leave behind the tangible and the concrete. Instead, I embrace the fluidity of photographic expression, where texture and tone dance in subtle harmonies. ‘Dissolving Abstracts’ delves into the delicate interplay between perception and reality, viewing the world through the translucent lens of semi-transparent glass. Each image in this collection offers a glimpse into a realm where the familiar morphs into the enigmatic, where defined shapes melt into ambiguity, prompting contemplation of form and space. By capturing unidentified shapes veiled by translucent glass, I aim to stir a sense of mystery and allure. The absence of sharp contours and the subdued colours lend the series a dreamlike quality, presenting viewers with ethereal landscapes of the unknown. Through ‘Dissolving Abstracts’, I invite viewers to embark on a journey of exploration and discovery, where the boundaries between reality and abstraction dissolve, leaving behind only the essence of pure visual experience.

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